Perma-boot for Professionals

New Construction and Roofing Projects​

1. Perma-Boot will help eliminate call backs for roofers and builders being pipe flashings are a very common spot for roof leaks. This could allow you to increase your labor warranty at least for the roofing aspect of the home to give you a leg up over your competitors.


2. A new home would be more appealing not seeing white pipes penetrating roof.

3. For repair jobs fix the issue the first time instead of getting a call again in 3-10 years for same issue and with a life of shingle warranty. Also, no need to remove and try and match shingles.

DSC_9012 (2)

4. We have a 3n1 repair and flanged versions which can benefit just leaving one or two in the truck to do a quick fix being the product now fits 1.5”, 2”, or 3” pipe with one unit.

5. Perma-Boot has a New Construction/Reroof version size specific that has the flashing built into the boot and comes in black and brown. The black also comes in 3n1 as stated above.

6. Your customers will see the improvement and will add peace of mind

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7. PDF brochures for New Construction and Repair

8. Perma-Boot is made in the USA!

9. Where to Buy

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