Perma-Boot for Home Owners

The Importance of Preventative Roof Maintenance

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1. If you ever see a brown stain like this image then you have a water leak coming from something. Could be a leak in your plumbing fixture or a roof leak. The main location for roof leaks is areas where something is penetrating the roof like the plumbing vent pipes. These pipes on most applications only have a rubber gasket that prevents water from running down into the house.

2. Most homeowners don’t even realize they have pipes penetrating their roof or what they are even for. These pipes are used to prevent back pressure in the drain lines to allow them to flow.


3. Even though some new designs with rubber have better durability to weather compared to standard rubber they still don’t have a 100% guarantee because the rubber must bend to fit snug against pipe on all different pitch roofs. This puts more stress on the rubber let alone the fact it’s on your roof where all the weather conditions can hit it directly.

TPO plastic however has an extremely high resistance to most weather conditions and is what we use to make our Perma-Boot plus we have a pivot point to allow for pitch variations. You see this type of plastic everywhere but main example would-be rear-view mirrors of your vehicles.

4. The way to check if you your pipe flashing is the cause of the leak would be to go in your attic and follow the PVC, cast iron, copper, etc. pipes that go up through the roof and if you look up through the hole and see sunlight then you know that’s the cause of the leak. If the leak has been going on for a while you will also see your insulation starting to mold.

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5. Standard plumbing pipe sizes are 1.5”, 2”, 3”, and 4” which is figured based on inside diameter of pipe. Best two options for finding out what size pipe you have is reading it on the actual pipe or if no access to pipe or pipe is too faded to read is taking tape measure on roof and measuring from one inside wall to the other.

6. Perma-Boot original designed was size specific so you would need to know your pipe size before purchasing. In late 2018 we came up with a new 3n1 design that now accommodates 1.5”, 2”, and 3” all in one box which are the three common sizes for residential homes.

3n1 Repair Image
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7. Perma-Boot is warrantied for life of shingle, requires no removal of shingles for repair version, and as a bonus it’s cosmetically more appealing. With most roofs being standard black asphalt shingles our product blends in much better than the white pipes you see now. We also have brown to help with the other various colored roofs.

8. Where to Buy

9. Perma-Boot is made in the USA!