Answers to Common Questions About the Perma-Boot

Our PERMANENT solution to you homes leaky roof

What roof pitches will the Perma-Boot fit?

The Perma-Boot fits any pitch from 3/12 to 12/12.


Which types of roofing materials will the Perma-Boot work on?

The Perma-Boot works on any asphalt shingled roof or any roof where a standard roof pipe flashing is used.


Is it really that much faster to install?

Yes. Seeing is believing… please check out our installation video.


Where is the Perma-Boot made?

Every Perma-Boot is proudly manufactured in the USA!


Will the Perma-Boot stand up to UV exposure?

Yes. The material used to create every Perma-Boot is specifically designed to tolerate the harsh environment of a rooftop, and Perma-Boot is warranted for the life of your shingles.


What type of adhesive do you recommend?

Any brand of roofing adhesive designed will work well but construction adhesives are not recommended.


What is the maximum vent pipe height that Perma-Boot will cover?

Perma-Boot is designed to work on vent pipes that are 6″ to 15″ tall. Shorter vent pipes should be extended using a typical PVC connector and additional pipe. Vent pipes longer than 15 will need to be shortened to ensure complete coverage by the Perma-Boot.  If your pipe is closer to 6″ or 15″, adhesive will help secure better.


I really want to attach the Perma-Boot to the vent pipe with screws. Is the adhesive all thats really necessary?

Actually, the Perma-Boot is designed with a press fit seal and adhesive is an optional steps recommended for high wind areas.


I prefer to just caulk worn out pipe boots. Theres no way Perma-Boot is that fast.

Yes, its that fast. Plus, you won’t have to worry about customer callbacks when the caulking fails and leaks.


Im not sure how this can fit into my business. How are other roofers successfully using this product?

Some roofing companies have switched to a fixed-fee installation model. They bill their regular service charge, plus a flat fee for each Perma-Boot installed, easily increasing their per-job revenue over the typical standard hourly rates and materials markup.

Other roofing companies immediately install the Perma-Boot on all new roof installations. They offer a ten year+ warranty on every roof, and are excited about no longer having to replace damaged pipe boots under warranty. They also no longer have to paint the white vent pipes.


This sounds too good to be true. Can I see the product in action before I buy it?

Yes! Please check out our short installation video.


Is there a Perma-Boot specifically designed for new roof installation?

Yes. Manning Building Products also offers the Perma-Boot for new construction with an integrated flashing for new roof installations


Can I use the Perma-Boot on new roof installations?

Absolutely! The Perma-Boot is an easy up-sell to your customers, who will no longer have to worry about the future failure of their pipe boots. The Perma-Boot lowers your risk in offering or increasing your warranty, and provides a clean, finished look to the new roof.


What does the Perma-Boot warranty cover?

The Perma-Boot is guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period equal to the remaining shingle warranty. If you discover a defect in a product covered by this warranty, we will happily repair or replace the product at our option. For more information, please see warranty information.


How much does the Perma-Boot cost?

Less than a bundle of shingles!  It retails for around $20.


Will Perma-Boot work for my home?

Perma-Boot can be installed on any home that uses standard 1-1/2″, 2″, 3″ and 4″ vent pipe boots on almost all roof pitches.


How does Perma-Boot protect my home?

Perma-Boot covers the existing vent pipe boot to prevent leaks that allow water to flow into your attic and cause water damage to the ceilings, interior walls, and sheetrock in your home.


How does Perma-Boot compare to a traditional pipe boot repair?

A traditional pipe boot repair is a temporary fix and lasts only as long as the new pipe boot or rubber gasket (about 3 to 7 years under normal weather conditions) before another repair is required. PERMA-BOOT is the only solution guaranteed to last for the life of the shingles and does not require you to remove the old pipe boot or replace any shingles on your roof.


How does Perma-Boot compare to a metal boot flashing?

The problem with a metal boot flashing is that it still relies on a rubber gasket to seal it to the vent pipe. The rubberized seal is the most likely part to fail so a metal boot flashing does not really fix the problem. PERMA-BOOT covers the seal and prevents water from entering your attic at the vent pipe so it actually solves the problem.


How is Perma-Boot better than a lead vent pipe cover?

PERMA-BOOT is a straight-forward and affordable solution with minimal work involved. A lead boot with a cover is meant to last a long time, but it is more expensive and will most likely require hiring a professional to install it. The installation requires you to replace the old pipe boot and often the surrounding shingles as well. And believe it or not, squirrels enjoy chewing through lead vent pipe flashing!


Do I need to hire a contractor to install Perma-Boot ?

If you can reach the vent pipe boot safely you can install the PERMA-BOOT without the use of additional tools or roofing tar. Simply slide the PERMA-BOOT over the top of the existing boot and you are done.


Will my old PVC pipe break while installing the Perma-Boot ?

PVC pipe can become brittle from years of exposure, so handle it carefully. It could snap if you pull on it.


What if my PVC pipe moves around while installing the Perma-Boot ?

If your PVC pipe moves downward while installing the boot, you may need to pull the pipe up while sliding the boot down so that the boot stays in contact with the roof.


How long does my PVC pipe need to be to install a Perma-Boot ?

In most areas, building code states that the PVC pipe must be 12 inches above the roof. The Perma-Boot can handle a few inches of variation from this, but if your pipe is really long or really short you may need to either cut it down to size, or use some PVC pipe fittings to extend it.


Should I hire a contractor to install Perma-Boot ?

Please read our list of Safety Warnings prior to installation.


How does the Perma-Boot adjust to fit different roof pitches?

The base of the Perma-Boot is made in two pieces – connected by a swiveling joint. This joint allows the boot to adjust to various roof pitches – from 3/12 (almost flat) to 12/12 (extremely steep).